Truth be told, it’s a very challenging time for all of us at the moment.

We know that it’s likely to be a real test for all our businesses, and as a very valued customer of Conzuri we want to make sure you know, we’re here to support you in whatever way we can. It's taken us the good part of last month to work out what “extra things” we can really do to help and hopefully all that we are trying to do will make some small positive differences for both our customers and our employees alike.

The core value and belief of Conzuri worldwide, to put customers at the centre of all that we do, has never been more prevalent than right now! We have taken the time to explain in detail all the efforts we are making as a company, as colleagues, as friends and like a big Conzuri family to put customers at the centre of our decision making.

Centralised office working moves to remote home working in an instant…

Our main objective this week has been to oversee the movement of all Conzuri staff who have been able to work remotely with immediate effect. Our robust infrastructure has allowed us to systematically deploy almost all of our staff to remote working, including all of our internal sales & technical support departments, full accounts team and full marketing team, all now operating trying to serve our customers as usually as possible and reducing risks for any remaining employees working in the key departments of production, logistics and despatch.

We apologise if there have been some outages over the past week while we have made the transition but fingers crossed, broadband speeds permitting, we will be almost back to normal from next week onwards.

So, what does this all mean for our business operations?

Operations Banner

Reduced Staff Levels inside our Branch Facilities

Our dedicated warehouse and distributions teams are working as usual (which we’re hugely grateful for) and our marketing and design team have also disappeared home to work remotely but of course, fully operational.

The cancellation of many significant events in our marketing calendar has meant their workload priority has now shifted from our work to hopefully answering your requests. We'll be dedicating at least 50% of our working week to customer support requests. 

Finance & Sales

Finance & Accounting

We are incredibly aware that this situation will have some very severe consequences for all business in general. Knowing this is on the horizon, our Finance Team, both locally and in collaboration with our US colleagues, are currently working on a number of ways on how we will be able support our loyal customer base over the coming months.

Nothing is yet set in stone, but rest assured we are looking at every possible option available to us to try and facilitate the smooth uninterrupted ongoing supply of our products to you over the coming months.

There will be challenging times ahead, financially speaking, and Conzuri like any other business up and down the country have the highest priority to keep our people busy, safe and employed. 


Stay positive, we will get through this!

Warmest regards,

Conzuri | CEO