Life is tough for a short man.

In the dating arena, women prefer tall males. The pretty ones overwhelmingly make it difficult for the shorter men with this preference. Exceptions may exist, I speak of my experiences.

If the woman is pretty and short (which is what I would go after), just forget about having any chances with her - height is the top most thing on her mind. Yes, a very pretty gal told me this when she friend-zoned me. She really lusts openly for the tall guys. I know dumbasses from college who bag the most beautiful of girls anywhere just because the dudes are 6'2" and more in height.

Your heart gets bruised a lot and broken more than others. Seeing how women choose men has made me a little bit wary and untrusting of them. If a woman is nice to me, I know from bitter experience that 9 times out of 10 it is because she wants to use me for something (not as a date unfortunately).

Having had the physical attributes disadvantage, I slogged my butt off to get a good degree and decent employment. The only things to show in the meat market for me are these factors. No one frigging cares if I am a good human being or a nice friend. I have seen with pain so many women throw themselves at more-attractive (almost always tall) men who are arrogant jerks but they would not look at me in any way other than as a "friend".

At the workplace, the taller guys tend to literally look down upon you. It takes a lot of time to build credibility and respect. If you are a manager, your direct reports tend to not accept you as a leader for a long time. In new setups, I have had taller direct reports openly snort upon being introduced to me as their new manager.

For some reason, the pretty gals - at every workplace I have worked in - they are rude, snobbish and mean. I know that I have a fully professional outlook and a calm, non-threatening, non-sleazy outlook - yet, I am always puzzled as to why I face such hostility from the "beautiful" people.

In crowds and gatherings, the shorter guys feel the maximum pinch. Its kinda obvious why. Talks revolving around sports, children - everything revolves around height and is a constant reminder of what one lacks.

The friends you make tend to be short as well ... that limits interactions and opportunities and growth and understanding. Its primarily because the friendships start from a common ground that is rooted in negativity - the shorty freaks at the fringe of society come together because others wont be friends with them.

I used to be reasonably presentable in my youth, now with middle age having long caught up - its very humiliating - being ignored by everyone, especially the good-looking, tall and the beautiful. Being short is a daily reminder of how judgemental people are and how hard life is for some of us.

The above semi-rant is not a "poor me" story. Since some years, I have a positive and confident attitude along with a sense of gratitude for what I have. This helps me, but has not fully solved my problems. Yet.

Life is a good mix of reality and dreams, of where we are and where we can be, if the demons were conquered. Someday.


- Anonymous