ūüĒģ Product Features

Bluetooth LED Bulb:

  • Download our¬†App 'Happy Light' to control your LED¬†Bulb
  • Automatic Pairing Technology
  • Extreme Speed connection
  • Can be controlled up to 20M away



  • Choose¬†from¬†over 16 Million available colours¬†
  • 20 Presets included (i.e. strobe/colour fade)¬†



  • With this feature turned on, your light bulb will change colour to match your music


Schedule Actions:

  • The mobile app can set the bulb to turn¬†ON or¬†OFF at a specific time
  • Install ANYWHERE and set your¬†schedule


Natural Colour Effect:

  • Bulbify¬†bulbs have a color rendering index of up to 85Ra and no screen ripple technology, which not only truly reflects the natural color of life, but protects your eyes too!