Will these fit my shoes?

Conzuri Height Increasing Insoles fit almost every shoe size and type of shoe - from work shoes to trainers. They also come with detachable platforms, so you can choose your boost based on the shoe you are wearing. 

We only recommend the 7cm and 9cm boosts if you intend to wear boots. But the smaller the elevation, the more comfortable you will find day-to-day activities/walking.

For example, the 7cm boost is not going to fit in a pair of Yeezy's (because your heel will be out of the shoe), but the detachable platforms provided DO allow you the flexibility to choose your elevation accordingly. 

Do these come in different sizes?

Conzuri Height Increasing Insoles are one-size-fits-all...but if the insole is too long, simply use a pair of scissors to cut along the guides on the bottom of every insole. 

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world 🌎 

How much does shipping cost? 

Standard Shipping is FREE to most locations, but premium shipping and processing options are available too.  

Is my order tracked?

Yes, all orders are tracked. You will recieve an email confirmation with all neccesary shipment details when your package is on it's way! You can use your order number and email to track your package on our website.

Just click here to look up your order. 

How much height will I gain?

Conuzri Height Increasing Insoles have four options and allow you to choose from 3cm, 5cm, 7cm or 9cm for an easy and immediate increase in height. If you buy 5cm or above, you can also use the detachable platform as a 2cm alternative boost. 

Will they be shipped discreetly?

Don't worry, we've got your back! We understand that  some customers may want to keep the secret to their newfound confidence boost on the down-low! So we ensure that each pair is carefully concealed and shipped inside our CUSTOM BRANDED shipping bag...with only the customer name and shipping address on the outside of the package, with no indication of what's inside. 

Is the price for ONE insole or a PAIR of insoles?

This price is for a PAIR of insoles - (you'll get a left and a right)