Slides (1.5") | Summer Slides Shoes | ConzuriSlides (1.5") | Summer Slides Shoes | Conzuri

Slides (1.5" Boost)

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Insole Height Boosters

Living a vertically challenged life in a world built for tall guys is not something that is easy to cope with. From better career opportunities to a much larger potential dating pool, the world is available on a silver platter to the people who you often find yourself looking up at. Thanks to Conzuri, you can now join the ranks of the six foot squad, thanks to our revolutionary insole height boosters. We offer inserts for several types of footwear, including high-tops, mid-tops, low-tops, and boots. Available in multiple sizes to give you the increase you want, our insole height boosters give our customers the confidence they need to tackle each day.